BeagleBone Black shortage


for some months we can see a BBB-shortage which meanwhile becomes dramatic. Farnell can ship BBBs earliest end of February (but only a few thousands) and the prices have risen from ~50 Euro to more than 90 Euro at some distributors.

Anybody an idea what’s going on here? Has the BBB reached the end of it’s life?


16 left at DigiKey.

The BBB hasn't reached EOL.

More then likely it's related to the industry wide memory shortage.


Mouser has BBB 600+ in stock
BB Wireless 3000+ in stock

— Graham

Thanks for your feedback.

Mouse unfortunately is not an option, although it is a German company, their webshop does not allow me to order BBBs when they have to be shipped to Germany due to some exports restrictions :smiley:

Same works well for all other suppliers…so maybe this is the reason they have some BBBs left since all German customers can’t buy at Mouser :slight_smile:

Much more problematic but the possibility could be used of getting a
trusted contact to order the parts which are shipped to them and they then
ship them on to you.
IMO, but IANAL, this process does not circumvent any export codes as there
really isn't a restriction on the things anyway and you're not, hopefully,
even a part time anarchist - - - so a possibility.