BeagleBone black socket io installation error

Hi. I´m trying to install the socket io using the SSH and I´m getting the error message as follow :

ERROR : getaddrinfo ENOTFOUND.

Thanks a lot for some informatio to solve the problem.



Upped this topic for i had the same problem and there are no solution/solution links to this thread.

Also please see the attached photo, its a screenshot of the error after failure of installation of

Well.... According to the error your network is not setup.

Are you using usb or ethernet?

usb: did you turn on "internet sharing" feature of your host os
eth0: did you plug in an ethernet cable (can you ping


Hi Robert,

I am using USB connectin and i just enabled internet sharing for the BB and rerun the installation code but still it failed with the same error.

Sorry, I don't use windows so i can't help walk you thru the exact steps.
It's been done a few times on this list, so search for it.

Otherwise just plug in an Ethernet cable and do:

sudo ifconfig -a
sudo dhclient eth0

and you'll have network access.


Thanks for the help Robert I will use an Ethernet cable as you say but the computer here at school only have 1 Ethernet port and I do not have Ethernet to USB adapter so I will try this at home instead.

personally, untested: