Beaglebone black support SDIO correction


I am a engineer of Toshiba. I am a Beagleboard-xM user.
I know the new release of Beaglebone Black which can support eMMC boot, so the uUSB interface can be available for our development.

Now, I want to implement our Toshiba product (TransferJet). This is a IC embedded in uUSB card but this card does not have any memory.

Beagleboad-xM can only be booted by uSD, so it is not applicable in our development. Now Beaglebone Black is suitable for our development.

I have some questions in SDIO of Beaglebone Black.

Attached please find the SDIO corrections in SoC. May I ask whether Beaglebone Black can be modified SDIO clock, frequency, detection, etc.

I cannot find any description in the manual.

Best Regards

Patrick Ho

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SDIO suport.docx (317 KB)

There is a Technical Reference Manual for the processor. I suggest you look there. This type of information would not be found in the System Reference Manual.