BeagleBone Black SYS_RESETn function

Hi all,

This is a simple question and it is possible that it’s been answered elsewhere, but I have been unable to find a clear explanation. I’m using a BeagleBone Black in conjunction with another piece of hardware that has its own processor. If the BeagleBone gets hung up and communication between the two ceases, I want to be able to reset the BeagleBone. Can I simply ground the SYS_RESETn pin for a set amount of time in order to accomplish this? If so, what would a safe amount of time be?

I’ve seen many examples where the SYS_RESETn pin is used to enable other devices, but I’m still unclear on whether or not I can reset the board this way. There is another topic posted today about doing a cold reset, but I would prefer to keep power to the BeagleBoard because I am using the 3.3V rail to power another device.

Thanks in advance,