BeagleBone Black u-boot

Dear Sirs,

I am developing my embedded solution based on BeagleBone Black. I have downloaded the pre-built SD Image (bone-ubuntu-16.04.4-console-armhf-2018-03-09-2gb.img.xz) and it works very well. However, my target application may need to change some hardware components the following list, can I have an expert to help me to rebuild a SD Image to support these changes? I am a experienced programmer but I am a newbie to build a u-boot and Ubuntu kernel. I have followed a great link to build a SD Image successfully but I do NOT know which source file do I need to change to match up my hardware. Your any help will sure help my projects so much. I have tried to read a lot document on the net. But that’s so hard to find which source file should I focus on. Thanks for your support and have a great day!

No board ID EEPROM
AM3352BZCZD60 instead of AM3358

Realtek RTL8211E Gigabit PHY

(DDR3 and eMMC are the same as BeagleBone Black)

P.S.: I tried to use different pre-built SD Image files of BeagleBone Black I downloaded to see if I can see any message on the console, however, it did not have any message output on the console. I guess the MLO does not match up with my current hardware (CPU type, CPU frequency, board ID …).