Beaglebone Black ... What a Bull Shit !!!

We have tested BBB with LCD7 cape and Unbuntu 12.04 & 13.04.
Nothing does work as expected!!!
Use of Touchscreen is hawfully slow and use of ADC with this screen hangs up the system!

How to get a such bad system. It is the same with angstrom distrib!!!

We had developp a specific cape and we can put it in garbage!!!

Forget this board and chose other one.

Regards to all!

bbb is just a dev board, not an iphone.

I’ll happily pay for shipping if you want to send me the cape and board. :slight_smile:

well, you shouldn’t blame the company behind the BBB, neither the community.

It’s entirely your fault, you decided for your product to use open source solution !

Yes it’s attractive, you don’t need to buy a license for windows CE, but you should have made some research and discovered since we moved to the new kernel, not all of the functions are available.

It’s unacceptable for a company to bet that the BBB will work in few months …

In my case, i was at the same position as you 6 months ago, I wanted to use the RS485 Cap … and you know what ? I decided to spend 2 months to find out how to modify the drivers. And now It’s working ! ( Thx again everyone for your help again)

So, you should instead blame yourself or spend some time to help us, and find out what’s wrong with the LCD… .

IF you don’t have TIME, give some money to this community and I’m sure that a developer will put this bug in priority.

Michael Musset,

It just a beginning for TI ARM testing.
We will go to Freescale products.
Much more efficient.

For your information, Win Ce has same problems …
This project is not a company project but a community project.
In fact, Angstrom distrib is OK. Ubuntu ported on it is Hawfull!!!


I would try to explain how wrong your are. But I doubt you would understand any of it. I would not all all convince you not to go to Freescale and use their community based forum for support.


Humm, strange, as the defacto ubuntu maintainer, for some reason I do
not see any email/bug messages from you regarding this issue.. SO
whatever, if you don't try, it's not my problem...


Ah, I hear a troll!

For myself if you can’t build the kernel and get support why bother. Never wanted to spend the time learn OE . Roberts instructions for Ubuntu from scratch work and wifi works so thats what I plan on using. Anybody can copy binaries to a card then bitch when its changed. Isnt that why we use linux as we gave the source hence the power to fix what we don’t like!

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I don’t know which Freescale platform you have chosen but based on my experience with both Wandboard and Sabre Lite - imx6 running from a SD card is extremely slow. By slow I mean that even such stupid command like “ls” can complete up to 1 minute. Impressed?

In similar way to this:
But I need more sensors

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It is obvious, at least to me this person did not even try very hard, and I can not help wondering if this person even really owns a BBB. My experiences have been the complete reverse what this person has said.

I also can not help but wonder if this person is smart enough to know what a pin conflict is.

Hi Robert,

I've been using 13.04 on a BBB without any issues, thank you for the
good work,


So funny,
This is my style !

What I can tell you something ,

1 ,Fsl will not have the vivante code to build for their release , you will not have a HardFloat enviroment

2,Fsl dont have the DMA support for UART ,i2c ,SPI support on their current bsp code and no plan to support

3,Fsl have ADMA bug on their SDHC host controller ,

4,Fsl dont support 16bit NAND boot on iMX6


Ok, now , let’s talk about your bull shit board ?

About SD card
Fsl will have the 200M clk support for SDHC ,this will same speed as eMMC 4.4 8bit DDR mode
Only depend how much of your SD card

On my board , imx6 SOLO , ARM@800M 16bit DDR3 @400M ,ONFI 2.0 8bit nand @100M clock

In wayland + QT 5.1.1

8 seconds can login to wayland-terminal console
almost 8s can run Qt HelloWindow with wayland egl

SD CARD will not be bottle neck ,

About 1, Fsl timesys will have the HardFloat driver for UBUNTU ,but no wayland driver support

check from this

BTW , do you someone know will SGX support wayland in some time ?where can I get some information ?

I would say this person is a poor hardware designer and integrator

nothing wrong with the BBB i can see at this stage in its short life

One lazy, immature and arrogant personality.

Worth ignoring, siñ