Beaglebone Black WiFi randomly fails, drops connections and restarts

I have a Beaglebone Black with a RTL8188EUS USB WiFi Adapter.

The adapter is on a powered USB hub keep about 6" from the BBB.
It was recommended in the article to keep the WiFi adapter away
from the HDMI port due to possible interference.

The BBB is running Debian 9.9 IoT with the latest kernel…

Was is happening is at random intervals the WiFi “disassociates”
dropping any connections. Like Chrome and vncviewer into the
BBB’s WiFi IP address and resets the WiFi port.

I was reading something about a driver issue however this
info was written a couple of years ago. The article went on to
say if not using the HDMI port to disable it in /boot/uEnv.txt
however what they said to change does not exist. At least
on Debian 9.9 IoT. The document came from adafruit. If you
could point me to what to add or change in uEnx.txt to disable
the HDMI port I will give it a try.