BeagleBone Black Wireless Compatibility W/ BeagleBone Wi-Fi Audio Cape


We would like to use the BeagleBone Black Wireless on board Wi-Fi, but we would also like to add a second WiFi chip to the board. We found that there is a Cape for the BeagleBone Black that has the same TI WiLink module as the onboard Module of the BeagleBone Black Wireless.

Is it possible to add a second WiFi to the BeagleBone Black Wireless using the WiFi cape? At the least we would want to use the WiFi capability of the cape. We do not care so much about the audio capability of the cape. See link below.

At first glance I would say yes. The BBBW uses mmc2 (mmc3 in device tree) for its on board interface to WL183x and the Stream unlimited cape uses mmc1 (mmc2 in device tree). The GPIOs don’t seem to clash either.
You can get the Stream Unlimited device tree details from