Beaglebone black wireless documents

I didn’t quite understand the scope of the question, so thank you for scheduling the call via As mentioned, please send a message to the support forum in the TO address on this email for future support questions and again schedule a call with me if you aren’t getting suitable answers.

The WL1835MOD (WiFi/BT/BLE) datasheet is available from :

The AM3358 (SoC processor and peripherals) datasheet and technical reference manual are available from:

The OSD3358 SIP technical documentation is at:

I believe you’ve found the general board design materials at:

I don’t get a lot of system reference manual queries as the design is very similar to BeagleBone Black with the exception of the WiFi/BT/BLE and it has thus not been worked extensively. If I were to fix it, I’d probably start by greatly reducing its scope. Let me know if this is a real impediment in any way. The best BeagleBone Black Wireless documentaion available is in Derek Molloy’s book Exploring BeagleBone (2nd edition):