BeagleBone Black Wireless freeze issues


I acquired a BeagleBone Black Wireless 6 months ago.

Since, I have never been able to do anything because of freeze issue.
The heartbeat LED stops and it drops off the network.

I tried different setting up :

  • power supply by USB cable
  • Power supply by the 5V barrel connector (5V 1A adaptater)
  • USB + 5V barrel connector
  • Power on with SD card into the board
  • Power on with no SD card into the board

Today, as soon as I connect my PC to the BBB wifi in order to access to the Cloud9 web page, the heartbeat LED stop flickering and a complete reboot is required.
I can’t access to the Cloud9 page.
Nothing is plugged on the USB plug.

It could also happen at random moment and this is unpredictable, so the device is unusable.
I’m using the latest software image.

Does someone has a solution about this issue ?

Thank you in advance


Before you get into cloud9 on your BBBW via online access, try to print out this idea as output: journalctl -xe and/or sudo systemctl status cloud9.service

That may provide some valuable feedback.


P.S. Also, if you are using an updated image from this site,, use the S2 button (I am pretty sure it says ‘boot’ next to it) and hold it down until you have power.

So, it is flash the image to SD Card via etcher, install SD Card, hold the S2/Boot button, and then apply power. I also found that sometimes instead of directly going to cloud9 w/out updating/upgrading, a git pull in /opt/scripts/tools/ is useful but afterwards perform this command: sudo ./ .