Beaglebone black wireless is not starting

My beaglebone is not starting/ responding the power on led is not there anything i could do to start the board....but before that let me explain what happened...i was using beaglebone black wireless for driving two 12v l298n Motor drivers all the circuit was working and the 12v was connected to the motor drivers and the board was powered by my laptop only the wires that were connecting the beaglebone to the dirvers were the input signal wires to the motor drivers...but then by mistake the very first wires connected to 12v battery got short circuit and the wire attached to battery burned within an instant I removed the connection...after that I checked the motor drivers as the wire was connected to it... and both the motor drivers were working perfectly fine...but then i checked the beaglebone and it was not working the power led was not blinking and I couldn't detect the board...I don't understand why the board stopped working..and on physical examination also the board was looking new af and i couldn't see any burned component on it..the board looks good...and obviously there was no connection between the 12v battery to the beaglebone i don't understand why its not working... please can somebody help me and tell me is there anything that i could do to start the board? And also tell me why this happened?

board is toast. just buy a new one