BeagleBone Black with Arduino

Correct me if I’m wrong, but something like this can be used to communicate with BBB’s USB to Arduino’s I2C pins. Correct?

I’m looking to do the same sorta thing.

  • John

I have used the RPi to do simple serial to the arduino. But I also own a BBB [ not the newest one with 4GB flash! :frowning: ]

But I found a few links to what is going on. By far the easiest is the adafruit python library found in the first link. The other two links are there FYI, to give you information on the device tree overlay that is used. I am a python programmer (first and foremost) so the adafruit library interests me most.



Thanks for the info, Jerry. Those resources will definitely come in handy. Is it possible though to use the BBB’s USB port instead of the GPIO pins? I don’t have any GPIO pins available because I’m using an Octoscroller cape (image link below).

Thanks again!

  • John

Here are a bunch of possible options for adapters/bridges. Arduino (I2C) to BBB (USB).

I googled for this, and found this:

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How did I miss that?! Thanks!