Beaglebone Black won’t boot on

My beaglebone won’t boot on anymore, even when plugged in there is no blinking lights ever, just off. I am using this with a Kulp Board (K8) and it has been working fine the past few days. I’m not sure if had to something with the power supply or kulp board but it wouldn’t turn on. I did have it running inside and the ground cable accidentally came off the Kulp board but that’s all I can think off. I tried using a usb cable and barrel but both no luck. Although it did turn on the kulp board. Do you think something fried it? Thanks.

If you have a DVM check you have 3.3V on P9.3 and around 5V on P9.7 when power is applied. If those are missing the PMIC has likely failed. There are other voltage rails, but are going to be harder to check. There are some caps around and under the pmic where you can pick up the various voltages.

It could be that you boot media is seriously corrupted or failed. Have you tried downloading an sd image and booting from that ?