Beaglebone Black won't boot...

So we’re working on our senior design project - I won’t bore you with the details, but we’re using Beaglebone Black to communicate serially with a laser.

On to our problem, we’ve been using them for a while and were working on the serial stuff, when it froze and we had to remove the power to restart it. When we plugged it back in, we got the starting beaglebone bar at the top of the screen…but it never fully turned on. When we reset it again, it would no longer display anything.

When ever we apply power now, the 3 user LEDs come on and the power LED comes on…then it just sits there. No output on the monitor at all. Any suggestions on how to fix this? We are new to BeagleBoards, so anything at all would be greatly appreciated!

Section 10.1


Sounds like you need to re-flash the OS.

There are instructions on the web site.

your BBB OS will be corrupted . . .

Reflash your eMMC to resolve the problem . . … .

Output from the serial debug console would be handy . . .