Beaglebone Blacks that suddenly die.

I have four Beaglebone Blacks that have “died”. They all exhibit the same behavior. When the power is applied the “Power LED” flashes on then off. Each time power is applied this short sequence repeats. My first guess is that the power conditioning circuit is failing to produce/receive a “power good” signal.

My question is: Have others experience the same issue? Is there a path to resurrect these four boards?



I would be interested in the outcome of this investigation. We are
using the bbb in a commercial setting, through CircuitCo, and I'm not
sure what the power down ramp will look like. It is possible (and
likely) that the voltage falloff will be slow compared to a quick
unplug, but our devices power up and down relatively frequently.

Any guidance on this would be appreciated.


I am working on this in my spare time. Basic concept is that you need enough power after you pull power to give the PMIC time to ramp the voltage rails down in order so as not to violate the specification of the processor…

Best idea so far is a super cap on the battery connections. That would require SW to start the shutdown process once power was detected as being removed. I am trying to find a way to do this that won’t add too much cost and that does not rely on the SW to start the shutdown process…


Gerald, hey question: This design you’re working on will not stand in the way of us users doing our own thing. Will it ? I’m assuming you’d be implementing this into the next revision, or even board, but . . . Yeah assumptions . . .