Beaglebone Blue Books

Hi all,

I am very new to the beaglebone blue. I have some serious difficulty in learning how to use it. I have found some examples to try out from But if it’s possible I would like to learn from a dedicated book that can guide me nicely. Does anyone have any suggestion?


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Thein Htet Aung

There is the Packt book BeagleBone Robotic Projects - Second Edition by Richard Grimmett:

I have no experience with this boot though.



I have never heard of a book specific to the Beaglebone Blue variant.
Most books will be for the Beaglebone Black (and many of them are so old
they might not be worth the hassle -- Angstrom OS has not been updated for
years, the Debian OS hasn't used a FAT partition almost as long).

  Molloy's "Exploring Beaglebone" 2nd Edition is the most recent book I
know of, and for the robotics side you might need to look at generic
(Arduino/BASIC Stamp) guides for robotics and map the features they discuss
into the features of the robotics library.

  I own three books on "Embedded Linux", but none seem suitable for your
goals. They all seem to focus more on how to configure a Linux system from
scratch for a board (build system, device drivers, file system choices,
boot system).

<heh!> Guess I was wrong about BBBlue specific books...

Thank you all for your suggestions. I will try reading these two:
Molloy’s “Exploring Beaglebone” 2nd Edition and Packt book BeagleBone Robotic Projects - Second Edition by Richard Grimmett.

Thein Htet Aung