Beaglebone Blue Does't boot


I have been attempting to get my beagleboneblue working. Unfortunately, I’ve had a significant amount of issues so far.

These are the series of problems I had leading up to my board in the unresponsive state it is now in.

Firstly, when I was trying to use the console image (any console image) from the sd card would result in the beagle bone not connecting to my computer. The only way I have achieved a usable connection was to flash directly to the emmc.

Once I did that, I could see the getting started folder but could not connect via ssh or the web browser. Pinging the board would fail.

I tried to install the drivers but inorder to do so I had to boot into windows test mode. I got them installed but this unfortunately did not fix my connection issues.

The only way I could connect was through the the serial connection in putty. This worked reasonably well. I was able to get connected to the internet with some difficulty.

I attempted to get the ssh to work one more time. I found a method where you go find the network adapter and manually assign the ip. This didn’t work either. A few seconds after that, my device stopped working. I tried rebooting it but haven’t had any luck.

I had it plugged into the usb. I tried multiple usb cables through this whole process. I’ve power it with 12v and still can’t get it to work.

The only change I can see is with a 2s lipo. The led’s are flashing in a pattern similar to what lashingt he EMC looks like but at a significantly reduced rate.

On 12v, G,R, chg, and the light next to the power jack light up.

On lipo, G,R, the power light, and 75 are on constantly in addition to the behavior I mention earlier. I left it like this for an hour or two but nothing changed.

Prior to my issues, I was connected via usb. I could see the Beagle Bones wifi and connec to it. Now I no longer see it.