Beaglebone Blue + F55A Pro II 6S 4in1 32 bit ESC

Hi all,

I was wondering if anyone has suggestions how to connect beaglebone blue to F55A ESC mentioned. I can’t seem to find any resources with this topic.


I have never done so, but from what I understand ESC’s usually need a fixed frequency PWM signal where the duty cycle sets the speed.

Assuming the ESC is 3V logic you will need to connect up a couple of PWM outputs to the relevant inputs.
Each beaglebone PWM has 2 channels a & b. Both channels must have the same frequency which is not a problem in this case.

If you do a bit of Googling you should be able to find the correct PWM frequency.
Then just adjust the duty cycle to set the speed.

You could probably also generate the PWM signals with the PRU units, but more complicated.

Google beaglebone and pwm will probably get you enough examples of using the PWM’s

You can have a look at ardupilot code
there is a guide GitHub - imfatant/test