[BeagleBone Blue] Help Please - DC Motor Out Problem Running Ardupilot


Apologies in advance for what is likely a noob question, I am new to this board and could not find documentation on my problem.

I have a Blue that I want to form part of a skid steer rover set up. For now I’m simply running a simplified version of it: a single motor connected to one of the DC motor outs and power (battery and 12 V charger).

skid_steer - Copy

All I’m trying to do is get the motor to work running Ardupilot. I have not been successful.

I have connected to it, installed Ardupilot, and compiled ArduRover. The build looks good, I can connect, configure, and arm the vehicle through Mission Planner. If I connect an ESC to one of the PWM outs I can get those to work. However, I can not get the DC motor outputs to work.

Applying a multimeter to the motor terminals demonstrates there is no voltage there. I have also included the ardupilot DataFlash log in case its of any use while I tried to toggle every servo/relay on the board between high and low values.

Any help is appreciated and thanks in advance.