Beaglebone blue LIPO not working

Hello Community,

I use beaglebone blue, I was working on blue as recently i have received EduMIP kit. It was all working fine till yesterday, when charge goes off I kept my LIPO battery for charging (I use VOLCraft charger).

After charging I connected to my blue again, the LEDs started blinking, I removed and plugged again again multiple times, after sometimes the blink also disappeared. Now nothing happening when I connect LIPO to my blue.

Right now I have connected 12Volds adapter its booting fine, and also I have connected LIPO battery, LEDs 50,75.100 are green, and 25 is red…

I have installed rc cape applications, the output of rc_battery_monitor is here:

2S Pack Jack #Cells Cell
8.64V 12.68V 2 4.32V

Any feedback ?