Beaglebone Blue

Hey Beagleboard,

My name is Joshua Neph, I’m a senior electrical engineering student at the University of Tulsa. For my senior project, my team has been tasked with making a small robot move around the first floor of the electrical engineering building. The robot will move to four points, provided by a map that will be put on the processor. We will be coding in Matlab and Simulink. The robot must avoid all obstacles and humans when running from waypoint to waypoint. Our code will change the path of the robot and it must recognize moving objects compared to stationary obstacles. We are using a LIDAR as a sensor to receive 8000 Samples/sec of data and two motors to move at 2.6mph. I want to use the Beaglebone Blue for this project, but I’m worried that the sensor data, the occupancy map, and using Matlab and Simulink on the board, it may be too much for the Beaglebone Blue. Will using all this slow the Beaglebone Blue down?


Joshua Neph

Matlab and Simulink is an issue.

Beaglebone hardware is fine for such a task, when executing the cortoller loop in real-time at the PRUSS. Ie. one PRUSS for IO (using libpruio) and the other to evaluate LIDAR data and compute track and motor outputs. Since the ARM software is not involved in the controller, it can be a slow application. Ie. written in Python or Matlab, just to load and start the firmware on PRUSS and then monitor the current system state.