Beaglebone Boot explained


I had a boring hour and decided to make a small graph which might help many beginners to understand the different steps of the boot procedure of the Beaglebone.

Hopefully this explains when and why something is booted from the MMC or the eMMC.

It's available here:

As U-Boot is highly configurable, this just describes the current procedure and isn't complete (in regard to what all is possible by changing U-Boot or uEnv.txt). It also doesn't describe how the ROM boots from USB or the UART (serial).

And, just in case, please don't ask me questions about that. Read the SRM (System Reference Manual), TRM (Technical Reference Manual) and the U-Boot documentation/source if you want further answers. :wink:


Alexander Holler

You should mention that this is for BeagleBone Black and not BeagleBone.


I thought there's no difference in kind of the boot sequence or U-Boot configuration.

But because you've said that, it seems there is at least one. Are the differences small enough to incorporate them into the graph or should I just change the title?


Alexander Holler

Upps, ok, no eMMC on the Beaglebone. I change the title. :wink:

And the URL, just to avoid confusion. It's now available at