Beaglebone Buffer I/O issues

Thank you all for the great replies everyone. I’m definitely looking into everything each one of you has said.

I have attempted to use a Patriot 8GB class 4 microSD with the same effect. After about 4 weeks it failed as well. The patriot actually no longer functions at all. I’m looking to go out and buy a handful of microSD cards for testing. Does anyone recommend a particular microSD class? Or should I just stick with class 4?

Once again thank you for all the help!

Class doesn't matter. Don't use class as a gauge, it's completely useless
for both performance measurements and for life measurements. Use results
from things like Flashbench [1] and Arnd's big list [2] for performance.


I like the SanDisk Ultra microSDHC 4GB part number SDSDQY-004G and the
Samsung Plus microSDHC 8GB part number MB-MP8GA. I haven't done life
testing, but performance should be much better with either of these cards
than with the Kingston ones.

Flashbench threads of my tests for each: SanDisk [3], Samsung [4].


Realistically, if you're killing SanDisk and Samsung cards due to too many
writes, you're writing too much. Use a tmpfs or spinning media. If you're
killing cheap cards (Kingston, PNY, Patriot, basically anyone who doesn't
own a silicon fab), that's not that useful of a data point. They're cheap
for a reason.

If you have to back to disk and must use flash, look into eMMC. There's
a cape coming "real soon now." It'll wear level much better than any SD