Beaglebone: Can someone please send me the original uEnv.txt file from v5.03 SDK uSD card ?

Hi there

Can someone please send me the original uEnv.txt file from the v5.03
SDK microSD card (as shipped with the Beaglebone board) ?
I need to compare changed uEnv.txt file in my /boot folder


v.5.03 relates to the Texas Instruments Linux Sitara SDK SD and mine
does not have the file uEnv.txt.
Maybe it was there but was deleted on boot???

Thanks for your reply.

Yes, I was referring to TI’s Linux Sitara SDK (v.5.03)
ie. the 2nd uSD flash memory card included with Beaglebone.


Hi All,

I am very new to U-Boot for Beagle Board XM.
I have Beagle Board XM and LI-5M03 Camera module from leopard.

Using Beagle board XM U-Boot, I would like to detect attached I2C devices.
U-Boot is having I2C commands where it can detect attached I2C device on I2C

I am attaching Camera module (LI-5M03) with Beagle board on P10 Pin header.
I have run the following commands to detect the Camera module, but this
utility not able to detect camera module.

1. i2c dev [i2c bus number] - set i2c bus number
2. i2c probe - detect attached device and return address of that device

Can any one tell me, what can be reason? Is there any hardware problem on
Beagle board XM rev C?

I have read the Beagle board XM schematic, where board is not populated with
pull-ups resister on I2C2 bus. (R160 and R155) is this a reason, board not
able detect i2c device?

Please, find the logs for more detail.