Beaglebone choppy graphic

Dear All,

I’d like to use the BBB to setup a web user interface. To start with the evaluation, I have the new BBB on my desk with Debian Wheezy installed. To make it simple, I installed X11VNC and want to test the web performance using a VNC viewer. All of them are in LAN.

Once I launched the VNC viewer, I got my default LXDE. Then I use the default chromium to show my page (and other test pages through google).

I found the response on the UI quite choppy and unsmooth. I’ve been google about this topic. Some people said the built in GPU could not be utilized in rendering the graphics and all the loads are relying on the CPU. Is it true? How could it be fixed?

Some said it’s due to VNC, but I do have everything connected under LAN…

Or in other words, could you recommend the right linux build, desktop environment, browser and settings so that I can get the web browsing smooth?

Thanks a lot for your input!