BeagleBone Component Store

Don’t forget if you are looking to expand your BeagleBone Project, Be sure to check out the online BeagleBone Component Store at

Product ships the same day as your order!

I love that you have this available, the prices are great and the
connectors are otherwise very hard to find (particularly the 46-pin
stack-through parts!).

Is there any chance you could add a 6-pin stack-through part for use on
the serial console port? These are unavailable from Digi-Key or Mouser,
and the only way I've found to easily buy them is from "Arduino" shops.
It would easier to buy these from you with the 46-pin headers and save
on shipping.

Or maybe just let us order anything from your line? You've got a lot of
other great parts! :slight_smile:

I’ll send you an e-mail and get a little more in-depth with you.