[beaglebone] Connect beaglebone to Laptop Adhoc network

I am running Angstorm on my beaglebone and i have successfully setup the drivers for my Wi-Fi usb connector (ASUS N-10)

I have used this same device to connect to my Laptop Adhoc network on the beagleboard-xm(running angstrom) using the following commands:
(the adhoc network on my ubuntu system is “WLAN”

$ifconfig wlan0 up $iwconfig wlan0 essid "WLAN" $ifconfig wlan0 up

But now trying the same with the beaglebone seems to be an issue.

i also tried editing connman/wifi.config with

[service_home] Type = wifi Name = WLAN Security = none

(if anyone has this wi-fi dongle …after making these changes the blue led keeps blinking for a short period of time and then turns off as if it was trying to connect but then failed to do so .)

Any help would be appreciated
Thank you !! :smiley: