Beaglebone connected with plc (siemens)

I need connect Beaglebone (black or other) with a PLC Siemens. I have seen that Texas Instruments have boards to connect beaglebone with PLC, but I have found nothing more.

Could somebody tell me something?
Some example? Some web?

Thank you

Hello, I have have worked with PLC’s in the past (AutomationDirect, Omron, Allen Bradley and IDEC) but I am not aware of anything that
would replace the PLC mfg. protocol that allows programming in ladder logic other tool the sold.
I do recall (some years back) I could generate code in MS QuickBasic that could interface to a SYSMAC Omron PLC.
There is the protocol referred to as MODBUS that sllow connecting to/from PLC equipment and you may want to research that.
But, this does not generate the actual code which is usually ladder logic or some form of that. The MODBUS can be used to access the PLC
registers, timers, I/O and such as that. Using MODBUS implemented on the BBB or like micro equipment would then be using the PLC
assets directly.
Not usre if this is any help.