Beaglebone CTI JTAG connector

Has anyone populated the 20-pin TI JTAG connector on Beaglebone?

The way the I read it, the following resistors need to be removed. These connect the on-board USB-JTAG circuit to the processor:

R164, R165, R166, R168, R169, R170, R172, R171

The following resistors need to be added. These connect the CTI connector to the processor:

R178, R180 (0 ohms) (TCK,RTCK)
R182 (100 ohms) (EMU_RST)
R177 (0 ohms) (TDIS)

In addition, the connector needs to be populated:
Samtec Connector: FTR-110-51-S-D-06
Link to Wiki page discussing TI 20-pin JTAG connector:


Yes it has been done. And yes it does work.


BeagleBone RevA3 boards with JTAG header populated: