Beaglebone dabt-interrupt when accessing variable

Hi all!

I have to implement my own OS (bare metal) and currently I am working on the ethernet driver. I also use LwIP (like in the StarterWare example).

My problem is, that I get a dabt-interrupt, when I try to read a variable in the LwIP code.
The behavior is very strange, because when I read the value using CCSv5 expression view there is no problem. I can see the value and there is no problem.

The codes doesn’t make something special…:

(current_iphdr_src).addr = (iphdr->src).addr


current_iphdr_src is a struct where addr is a uint32 and iphdr is a struct pointer where addr is also a uint32.

When I try to read the value of (iphdr->src).addr in code, I get a dabt, while it works using CCSv5 expressions view…

Anybody has a clue why I cannot access the value in code but in CCSv5?

I am working with a BeagleBone (the white one).

Any help is welcome!