(beaglebone) Data transfer over ethernet

Hello All,

I am using Beaglebone (revision A6). I will be reading an ADC and transferring the data wirelessly to a router. This router would then be connected to a Beaglebone through an ethernet. A ‘C’ code would then be running on the Beaglebone with the ADC data as an input.

Now, my questions are as follows:

  1. While dealing with multiple ADC’s, for differentiating the data obtained, I would need some kind of programming on the Beaglebone. Any suggestions on how to go about programming the Beaglebone for that purpose?
  2. Is it possible to do some socket programming on the sending ADC side and do a corresponding socket programming on the Beaglebone side for differentiating the data?
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this has a python web server that reads adc values and any device on
lan can get that data.
Read the wiki and ask the author in case u have doubts.

Thanks for the reply, Randy.

A probable naive question: I need to write this python web server on the Beaglebone?

Yes, you want to run this python web server on your beaglebone.