Beaglebone /dev/ttyO1-O5 missing

I burned an SD from the latest xz file last night for the BeagleBone and /dev/ttyO1-O5 are missing. Does anyone know how to get those back? Does it have to go into the devicetree fragment I’ve put together to set the pin mux for UART1 somehow?

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I think you will need to do pinmux in kernel (configure the pin to work as a UART), and /dev/ttyOx will appear, I have done this before.

I had done the pinmux first with a device tree overlay and then when I fired up minicom I found that the device entry didn’t exist. After a whole bunch of fiddling this afternoon I got it working. I had to pull down the kernel files and modify am335x-bone-common.dtsi to enable UART2 (ttyO1) then recompile am335x-bone.dtb, stick that new file in /boot and reboot. After reboot the device node for /dev/ttyO1 was there. All UARTS were disabled by default in the am33xx.dtsi from TI.


Hi Aaron,
I wrote up a post about it.


Nick, thanks for the post. Should help a lot of people. I’m in the process of moving my security-oriented Linux distro, The Deck, over to the BBB and I do have some devices using TTY02 to deal with.