Beaglebone/Element 14 Data Matrix barcode stickers

At some point recently, the newer Beaglebone Blacks (made by Element 14) have swapped out the older barcode for a small data matrix code sticker. Previously, the barcode looked like it was the same or similar to the serial number, but now the numbers on the datamatrix code don’t seem to mean anything; they’re all decimal digits of the following form (it’s actually printed on the sticker in tiny type):

4nnnnn 1nnn 0nnnnn 1nnn

Anyone got any ideas what might be encoded in that? I’m guessing just some internal manufacturing identifier.

It would’ve been nice if it was something obvious like the serial number, MAC address and a manufacturing date!



Best bet would be to ask on the E14 forums what it means.


Thanks, it looks almost identical to the data matrix on the bottom of a RPi Model B+ (I think also made by Element14).