Beaglebone Ethernet Tutorial


Can some one give some support as to how to transfer data via the Ethernet port?

Is there some tutorial or sample code that I can use to study from it?

Thank you all!


In Linux you can do:



I need it to be more of a StarterWare type, where I do not need an OS.

scp once ssh is working.
"scp <remote_host:remote_file> <local_directory>"
"scp -dpr <remote_directory> <local_directory>"
"man scp" for details.
"man rsync" another alternative.

“Do not need an OS” on which side of the connection? Do you mean the Beaglebone has no OS? Or the thing talking to the Beaglebone has no OS?

Beaglebone has no OS, because I’m using starterware

ssh, scp on Unix or on WinSCP on Windows communicates with ssh server and client running on Beaglebone.

Without a running OS on both sides, one side is just a piece of useless hardware.
What is running on your Windows or Unix/Linux box and what is running on the Beaglebone? - Angstrom, Ubuntu, Fedora, etc.

Depends on how much you need to transfer. If you just need to pick up configuration data or something you could use TFTP, or maybe BOOTP. You’d at least need enough of a network stack to support UDP. From what I can tell from a quick scan, it looks like StarterWare might provide the minimum necessary.

I am running starterware. Which requires no OS.