BeagleBone File Transfer

How do you transfer files to/from a BeagleBone? Can it be done over
the usb cable that is connected to the host computer (in my case an
iMac). If you tell me to use MINICOM then I have troubles. I tried
running MC & it told me to use the -s option. I tried that but it
still tells me to use the -s option. Any other options? BTW, I' a
Linux newbie and what may be obvious to you isn't to me.

Thanks - Doug

I use scp for this:
scp file_to_send root@

from windows you can use for example winscp.
You can also copy the file directly to the boot partition, it should be mounted automatically after connecting bone using usb cable.

2012/1/7 zulucat <>

Thanks for the info. I tried SCP using the BeagleBone IP Address of and I got an error indicating that SCP was refused
connection on Port 22. Is there something I need to do on the BB side
to enable Port 22?

Thanks - Doug

If your using the standard Angstrom image, then ssh is already running
on port 22 (dropbear). You just need to use the right address:

Using did the trick! Now to go the other way (BB to Mac).

Again, thanks for the help - Doug

An alternative to remembering IP addresses is to install avahi and use .local addresses Bonjour is a MAC standard that uses mDNS similar to avahi. Thus the beaglebone may be referenced by beaglebone.local.

I am also interested in how to accomplish this. I can see dropbear
listening on port 22, but when I try to connect to it with WINSCP, and
root, it just times times out. Any ideas?


Looks like dropbear is a just ssh server. sftp is not supported.

Looks like dropbear is a just ssh server. sftp is not supported.

And that's why angstrom installs the openssh sftp-server by default.

I have angstrom rumming on beagleboard.
i do te following step.
1.start beagle board
2. from Vbox ubuntu i give command scp root@ :

nothing happens.
i get error on VBox ubuntu
"ssh:connect to host port 22: connection timed out

I tried from winscp but no luck

Can you help?

I am looking forward to automate transfer of file to beagle board from windows


OK guys help me with this. 1) I connect beaglebone to PC via USB 2) Connecto to beaglebone via ssh Putty 3) now I want to use scp to send file so the format is scp file_to_send root@ so far ok but what is “filetosend” for example if my file is in my documents. ???