Beaglebone: first impressions (and a suggestion)


Got my bone yesterday.
Haven’t updated the image yet (or done a package update).

First impression: nice board. Great piece of work.

I noticed with ubuntu 11.04 that sometimes it will show the folder on the desktop and sometimes it wont (I’ve been playing USB powered).
No idea why it does not show on the desktop, the device is known and I can manually mount it.

As it is headless finding the ip address is a little bit of a pain as I had to peek into the router to find out what IP address it has got from the DHCP server.

Actually this is in the known issues:

  • Need simplified IP discovery
    One suggestion would be to modify the startup a little bit so that upon obtaining an ip address the resulting address is written to a file in the directory that is exposed over usb.
    I guess this would be fairly trivial to implement.

Other options are:

  • use lltd from MS. I’ve played with this a few years back (with OE iirc)
  • multicast DNS. and DNS service discovery. (from apple bonjour). If I recall correctly this is also part of Avahi.
  • provisioning the bone with an IP address using an USB flash disk. MS also had something for that. No idea if a linux version exists. Forgot the name. I think part of it is also in WiFi easy setup.
  • uPnP service discovery (SSDP).
    issue with these things is that they also require some form of host side support.

Yet another solution (implemented in the Amahi home server) is to use an external server. This would typically only work for NAT-ted bones (e.g. in a home).
Idea is that the bone calls home giving its local IP. The sytem of the user could then also go to that server, the server would see a query from the same IP (remember, we’re NATted) and return the local IP of the bone.
(of course some might not like this setup, but that is a different discussion).

And of course it is possible to use a fixed address (e.g. I’ve also seen this being used.

Lots of options…

Anyway: back to the Bone.

According the documentation, it does announce itself over Bonjour.

Hey Franz,

ssh root@beaglebone.local

According the documentation, it does announce itself over Bonjour.

It sure does. Use your favorite mDNS/Bonjour discovery tool.