beaglebone ftp packet


How can i install ftp command to beaglebone?
I tried “opkg install ftp” but it did not worked :confused:
I searched Angsstrom repository but there are too many alternatives and I don’t know which one is suitable for beagleboard.
I was able to use ftp command in my beagleboard.

If you can help it would be great!


I use: Did you give it a try?

Thank you for your response,

As I understand it is a phyton library to create an FTP server. I just want to use ftp command from terminal for connecting an ftp server. I don’t understand why “ftp” packet did not included in Angstrom distro. Now I am trying to use this phyton library but what I need is just installing “ftp” packet to use standard “ftp” command from comman line.


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