Beaglebone Gateone redirect loop error

Hi. I just got my Beaglebone Rev A4. I’m using usb cable to connect beaglebone and where GateOne should be located gives redirect loop error. I’ve searched around internet but haven’t found solution yet. How to fix this?

I've been having the same issue. I've also seen this question posted a
lot and not yet seen anyone with an answer to it.

One thing that might point in the right direction is that for the last
week I was running my 'bone and connecting to it via firefox from my
Windows 7 laptop. The redirect issue happened every time.

Last night I built a ubuntu box and connected to the same bone
(running the same image) again via firefox. No redirect issue -
GateOne worked perfectly.

Quick poll: Is anyone able to connect to GateOne from a windows based
machine? If so - what is your environment.....


I haven't been able to, but I have read other places that if you update the install that comes with the BB it will work.

Hmm, I'll need to test your hypothesis. I have seen that error plenty
of times, to the point that I finally got frustrated enough to start
using PuTTY on Windows and ssh on Ubuntu.

Since the ssh connections are much peppier than GateOne, I'm unlikely
to go back to GateOne even if it starts working flawlessly. Great
idea, but reeeeeaaaaly slow.