Beaglebone Green Booting Issue

Hello all,
I am struggling with booting the beaglebone green from sd card. When beagle bone connected with custom carrier board then sysboot[15:14] state is 00b due to carrier board connections. There is no issue when booting from emmc.
MMC Clock frequency for different sysboot[15:14] are shown below.
MMC0 clock is 60MHz when sysboot[15:14]=00b
MMC0 clock is 48MHz when sysboot[15:14]=01b
MMC1 clock is 48MHz in all conditions, and it is boot from emmc without any issue.
How can i solve this issue without changing my custom board connections.

Simple, you change your custom board connections.. This has been
documented in all the SRM's since the first BeagleBone (White) was