Beaglebone Green - No Internal Web After Flashing To Latest Debian


So I picked up my Beaglebone Green after many months to do some stuff with it. I discovered that the internal webserver was not accessible through the browser via the getting started page. I also noticed that SSH was down, so it was either a problem with the internal web server or the USB to ethernet coms driver wasn’t functioning. Anyways I decided to reflash to the latest Debian image since my board came with Wheezy and it wasn’t working as I described. After flashing though I can’t SSH into the board via the USB port via Any ideas on how to fix it? It is my understanding that I should be able to work with it over USB with that IP address what I don’t understand is why this functionality was not restored after flashing the board with a brand new image.


As has been said here more times than i can count. To troubleshoot
things you need a usb to serial cable to see
what the OS is doing. The other way would be to hook up to a ethernet
and ssh in that way.