BeagleBone Green Wireless turns itself off after 10-40 seconds


My BBGW consistently turns itself off, no matter what power supply or image I use. It consistently acted the same on both of my BBGW.

With default factory configuration:

With latest image (Debian 8.6 2016-11-06 4GB SD SeeedStudio IoT image for SeeedStudio BeagleBone Green Wireless):

Somehow I can get it to work if I plug my serial connector in. But then after the stage where the BBGW shuts off the LED pattern flashes like this:

On | Off | On | Off
Off | On | Off| On

I am able to connect to the board in this stage. I’ve tested both 500ma and 1A USB chargers and none of them seem to work.

Thanks for any help,

Hi Alek,
I think you need more than a 1A supply. I use one of these
to power 4 BBGWs.
I suspect the board is suffering a brown out when the WL1835 does its short calibration (a couple of ms but at ~500mA).