Beaglebone Green wireless Update Issue

I am using Beaglebone Green Wireless. I am trying to update it, but it shows an error and is not connecting to servers. I have attached an image of the errors. Please go through it.

It is always a good idea to mention which version of the OS/kernel you are using as this can effect suggestions.

I don’t own a BBGW, however here are a couple of suggestions for why t is not working.

Going from the other post about BLE I assume you have configured the wifi to connect to an access point as you say you can ping other devices.

That leaves several possible causes for things not working.

  1. You have no default gateway set, so can only access device on you local subnet.
  2. Something up stream is blocking access.
  3. You do not have a DNS server setup, so can’t resolve hostnames.

To check for a default gateway you have a couple of options, which may or may not work depending on what you have install

route -n


ip route

The default gateway should be set via DHCP. IF you are setting a static address on your BBGW then you will need to make sure you have a default gateway set.

The route -n command should show a line starting the gateway is the ip address in the gateway column.

ip route will show a line starting with “default via

Assuming the above are set correctly, to check for up stream routing issues


If this times out then you are getting blocked somewhere beyond the BBGW.

The last likely cause will be DNS issues.
To check just try


If it comes back as Name or service not known then you have a DNS server issue. Again usually DHCP should set a DNS server.

on board OS is debian/linux 8(jessie)

Debian Jessie repos was archived a few years ago, this happens when it goes end of life.

means it not update

it as “up-to” date as it “jessie” will ever be…

Feel free to use Debian 11.x ( Debian 11.x (Bullseye) - Monthly Snapshot - 2023-10-07 )
Or Debian 12.x ( Debian 12.x (Bookworm) - Monthly Snapshot - 2023-10-07 )


i have installed bullseye, but its wifi and bluetooth is not enable and wifi requires password, please help

Hi all, Since flashing new os to emmc, bluetooth is not working. I am executing sudo systemctl enable/start and status commands. This commands works well but nothing happen with BLE of Beaglebone Green wireless. i am using bullseye os.