Beaglebone Gyro Cape

Some friends and I are building a quadcopter and wanted to control it through GPIO in the beaglebone. We were talking to a guy at the maker faire who said that wem ight be able to make a gyro cape. Wonder if anyone else has had a similar idea?

Haven’t heard that here at least.

I’m not on Q-Copters and not an expert but I do 3D flying and have some helis with FBL units (3 axis gyro). As today most good units use Invensense gyros.

I think that the BB + Cape can be an overkill for a RC heli, too much weight and too much processing power. The gyro unit must be soft real-time to be useful and for that probably you’ll have to program the PRUSS or go with Starterware or another RTOS. At least one of the things we hate on FBL units are the delay they induce on commands. Sure on a Quad made to be ultra-stable and slow this isn’t so important and the PWM is feeding some ESC+BL motor which are slower to react (but probably non-linear) than swash and tail servos.

On big Octocopters which can lift big cameras maybe the BB weight isn’t an issue.