Beaglebone: How is run time pin muxing done?


According to an article I have found in the net runtime pin muxing can be done writing data to some files under /sys/. However, I can't find any files there (neither in Debian and Ubuntu nor in the system provided with the board). Do I have to create the files manually? How? Are there templates?



Hi Peter,

If you look at (not mine) there is a series of articles about the beaglebone which are really well written and should provide you with all the answers you need,


2012/3/17 Peter Bolch <>

Hi Markus,

thanks very much for your reply.

I have found the articles you mentioned but I could not find the necessary files in /sys while reading the SD with my PC. Now I know that /sys gets populated at run time and everything is fine ;-).


Do you have anything at all under /sys? It could be unmounted.

If sys is mounted, then it may be some kernel configuration option not defined, so that the pin muxing feature is not exposed under /sys.


Thanks Markus,

problem was that I read the Beaglebone’s SD card using my PC and a card reader. If Beaglebone is running sys is populated all the mux files are present-