[beaglebone] issue on CCS


I try to use CCS with my beaglebone. For that I follow the http://beagleboard.org/static/beaglebone/a3/Docs/ccs-jtag-simple.htm tutorial. But when I want to select the bbone-target-config.ccxml, this file is not recognized by CCS (red cross on the file).

Have you suggestions?



I got stuck at the same today as well!

  • Andrew

Was there ever any resolution to this problem, as I am stuck at the
same point.

Hi, Still stuck here. The error in loading bbone-target-config.cxml is
a missing file in /home/jeff/ti/ccsv5/ccs_base/common/targetdb/
connections/TIDXS100v2_connection.xml is missing. Where is the best
place to find these files, or to get support on CCS?
TIA, Jeff