Beaglebone Manufacturing Test/Burn in Software/Hardware Tools

We are building an AM335X based board, and I was hoping someone could help shed some light on the beaglebone test/burn in process during manufacturing. I have read a few posts ‘about’ the process, but I have not really seen a procedure/details on test hardware/test software to run. Specifically, details of the flashing/burn in at 3:15 and functional testing at 3:30 of this video would be very helpful.

I found this list of validation procedure in a post from 2009 called “Preparing REV C validation software for Factory shipment.” That’s about as much as I have found.

Validation Required:

Test fixtures are not made public. Looks like what you have listed is for
the BeagleBoard-XM.

There is no S-Video on the BBB.
We have HDMI and not DVI.
Audio record is not there, only playback via the HDMI.
There is not OTG host.
We cannot read current via I2C.
There is eMMC and not NAND.
You are missing the SD card.

You would need to design your test setup based on your particular board
design and its features. Test are generally a functional test of the ports
on the board.

Thanks for that, Gerald.

Is any of the test software for the beaglebone available? Maybe some sort of script that runs through and turns on/uses the peripherals during a test?

No. It uses the actual shipping image and scripts geared toward the external test HW to do the test. Just basic Linux commands.