Beaglebone missing ethernet over USB and mass storage in windows


I have a Beaglebone running Ubuntu 14.04. When I connect it to an USB port on a Windows 7 computer all I get is a serial port. No mass storage device or ethernet over USB. I have installed the Beaglebone drivers, but there is one device, named Beaglebone, identified as other devices in the Device manager.
If I connect the Beaglebone to a Linux computer I get mass storage, ethernet over USB and serial port.

What is the problem on the windows machine?


It's not hardware, it's a software script that creates the usb: mass
storage & ethernet devices..

So the question, where did you get ubuntu 14.04 and did they or (did
you) setup the script to enable those features?


Sounds like either

a) when installing the beaglebone drivers, you only clicked “ok” for one driver set.


b) you need to visit Windows update to update the drivers.

Got the ubuntu 14.04 from: just before the summer.
Everything is working when the beaglebone is connected to a Linux USB host. But when it’s connected to a Windows (7) USB host only the serial port is discovered.
I downloaded and installed drivers from:
I’m not sure how to debug this on windows…