[beaglebone] OT: How additional settings are need for the host USB Linux system


often I read on web pages, that the beaglebone connects as a USB
storage device to a PC and one only needs to eject that device
and the beaglebone will establish a net connection via USB to the

I am running Linux (kernel 3.4.5) on the according PC and I am still
mounting and unmounting devices via 'mount' and 'unmount' (this way
I am faster than any automounter :wink: ) .

Translated that would lead to (in theory…the beaglebone will
hopefully arrive this week):
1.) Connect the beaglebone to the PC
2.) udevd recognizes the new USB device (kind of what?) and creates
    devices below /dev
3.) User (me) mounts that device to a mountpoint => storage device.
4.) User (me again) unounts that device.
5.) Beaglebone switches USB to net connection
6.) udevd recognizes the new USB device and creates another device
    below /dev ???
7.) Net connection is established (IP address needs to be figured out)

Two questions:
1.) Is the above process correct?
2.) What things needs to be configured (beside USB storage) for the
    Linux kernel running on the PC?

Thank you very much for any help in advance!

Best regards,