BeagleBone pinmuxing tool


I'd like to share a tool, which helps to create pinmuxing
configurations for BeagleBone. The tool takes as an input a simple
text config file and outputs shell or python script or eeprom contents
for a cape.
The tool also can read eeprom contents and create an output file in
any of the formats mentioned above, or a config file.
Can be downloaded from


Looks like a neat little program Jacek, I've haven't seen much Ruby before and when I have it has been within a framework. I very much like the look of the language and the program seems useful too!


Ruby is a very elegant language. The pinmux tool started as a quick
hack and unfortunately it can be seen in the quality of the code. I
promised myself to rewrite it one day to take advantage of OO design,
but for now I just wanted to push it out.
BTW. the main reason why I prefer ruby over python is that the program
and the crash dump actually look different :slight_smile:



Are there any plans to extend this tools also for other beagle boards except for the bone?

Yes, I just need to have time to sit down and type the table with pin
information. That means that I don't know when it will happen.


Great! Count me in for testing.
I always wanted a command line tool which does not need Windoze for pinmuxing.

Hopefully in the near future pinmuxing might be simplified by the flat device tree, which can be used both by u-boot and the kernel.