Beaglebone PMIC voltage monitoring on P9


I was looking in the SRM and I found that pins 1 and 2 on P6 are both labeled BAT. Which of these is the battery negative and battery positive so I can hook up a battery to it? I understand that I can’t power it very long from a battery but what about just monitoring voltage from P6 and have it available via /sys or something?

I have no plans of trying to power the board via P6, I just want to monitor the voltage and have it displayed in an application. Also what is function of BAT_SENSE to sense the actual battery voltage? Do BL_ISET, BL_IN, and BL_SINK have anything to do with monitoring voltage? Is BL_IN the LDO battery. I know that voltage can be monitored in other ways, I just was wondering about P6.

They both are positive. They are the same signals.

Measure between these pins and the ones labled GND, which is ground.